Managing Acne, Breakouts And Congestion

We have been helping our clients manage acne for over 13 years. Whether you are experiencing hormonal acne, adult acne, teen acne or fungal acne all these can be managed with a personalised approach to skin heath. When it comes to acne no skin journey is the same, we know you've probably tried just about everything to combat your breakouts - that is why it's important we get to know you, your skin and your health in depth. All new clients start with an Initial Consultation with our Clinic Director to ensure we leave no stone unturned.

Your personalised treatment protocol may include Healite Light Therapy, Professional Extractions, Enzyme Peels, Medi Peels and prescription skincare. The clinic’s complimentary practitioners will always be involved in your skin journey to ensure we are addressing the causative factors and triggers of your acne internally. Our Naturopath may prescribe pathology or hormonal tests as needed while working with you on diet, lifestyle, gut health and hormonal health. Our clinic’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner may give you herbs, nutritional supplements and lifestyle advice. 

Whether you’re a teen, who has just started breaking out, an adult who has struggled with acne for years, or you have suddenly developed hormonal acne after stopping birth control, our approach will ensure you feel empowered to make changes that will ultimately lead to healthy skin.

We are different because we have the resources to work holistically and address all your skin's needs under one roof. As a team, we are invested in your skin journey and will do everything we can to get you to your ultimate goal.

Acne is a complex and multifaceted condition that cannot be treated with one modality alone; that is why our holistic approach has been so successful over the last 13 years. We are regarded as one of Australia’s leading acne specialist clinics.

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Let’s work together to reach your skin goals!