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Choose Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup, and Buy it at Mi:skn Clinic Perth

Jane Iredale, the leading lady of mineral makeup, founded her company Mineral Cosmetics in 1994 after she'd witnessed the damage makeup can do to your skin. Jane's mineral makeup is also dubbed "the skincare makeup", because it retains the moisture in your skin like no other product does. It calms and soothes, and works exceptionally well against the devastating effects of the sun's UV-rays. If you are looking for Jane Iredale makeup in Perth, visit Mi:skn, our skin clinic, where you will find a substantial range of Jane's excellent products.

Why choose mineral makeup from Jane Iredale at Perth?

Ordinary makeup often contains fillers such as talcum and cornstarch. These ingredients are cheap, making them a preferred choice for cosmetic manufacturers who want to produce makeup at a low price. Talcum isn't your skin's best friend, however. It clogs your pores, finds its way into fine facial lines and dries the skin. Mineral makeup consists mainly of crushed minerals such as iron oxide (a natural colouring aid), titanium dioxide (natural protection against UV-rays) and zinc oxide (calms and soothes).

Buying Jane Iredale mineral makeup means making a conscious choice. The term "mineral makeup" however isn't protected and anyone can simply put the denomination on their package while putting only a tiny amount of minerals in. So, read the list of ingredients carefully. It should mention the main ingredients first. Even better, buy from on a trustworthy retailer of Jane Iredale makeup products such as Mi:skn in Perth.

Minerals last longer

Natural minerals don't deteriorate. Jane Iredale mineral products in powder form will keep 24 months after you've opened the packaging. Another advantage of Jane Iredale mineral makeup is that you don't need a lot of it to get the same results as with everyday makeup. Because minerals reflect the light (while talcum powder absorbs it), they result in a healthy and vibrant skin. Since you don't need to apply as much makeup onto your skin, it will feel and look much lighter and more natural.

Nearly anyone can wear Jane Iredale makeup too. Because Jane's products do not contain harmful ingredients such as artificial colour and fragrance and preserving agents, the chance of irritating the skin or causing allergies is much reduced, making the makeup products fit for even the most sensitive skin. Jane Iredale is aware of this, and so they offer their products in a vast range of (skin) colours. Their bestseller PurePressed Base with SPF20 is available in 24 colours.

Always welcome at Mi:skn Clinic

If you want to take a closer look at mineral makeup from Jane Iredale, visit us in Perth. Only at our integrated skin clinic will you find a naturopath and dermal therapist working together, offering you a holistic approach to skincare. We don't just treat symptoms; we also find a way to prevent problems. Buy your Jane Iredale in Perth at Mi:skn, or browse the products at home at your leisure, and order them online. We take care of shipping your order within 24hrs of purchase, so see for yourself how good Jane Iredale mineral makeup is.

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