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Are You a Candidate for Collagen Induction Therapy? Get your Needling Treatment at Perth Mi:skn Clinic

Collagen induction treatments date as far back as the ancient times. The ancient Egyptians already knew the effects of natural therapies with herbs or pebbles to rejuvenate the skin by activating its collagen. Present-day collagen treatments have the same goal; increasing the collagen in your skin so that it looks younger. Both invasive and non-invasive procedures can offer a solution, but not all of them sound like a wise decision. Some treatments involve chemical ingredients which can be quite intense.

Gentle collagen induction therapy in Perth

If you feel that a gentler approach must be possible, contact Mi:skn Clinic for an appointment. You'll be pleasantly surprised by our Collagen induction therapy methods in Perth.

Are you nearing sixty, and do you still have a relatively smooth complexion? Or have you just celebrated your thirtieth birthday and a close look in your mirror reveals fine facial lines and aged skin? If your skin begins to sag around the face and neck, consider making an appointment with Mi:skn. We'll take a patch test at our clinic in Perth, and determine if you really need a collagen induction treatment. Sometimes, removing certain foods from your diet, and drinking enough may work wonders on your body.

Safe and effective infrared

If you visit us in Perth for collagen induction therapy, we'll consider laser skin tightening together with you. In this minimally-invasive, non-surgical process, the infrared light heats the collagen right under the skin’s surface, contracting it. The effect of the collagen induction treatment is moderate but immediate, and there is no downtime. One or two additional skin tightening treatments over the next few months will deliver the optimal. Our clients prefer this process since it's safe, effective, and painless. If discomfort does occur, it usually resolves itself within minutes after the session.

No need to be squeamish of needles

Collagen Induction Needling at Perth with our MDermapen is another way of stimulating collagen production. You will get rid of fine lines, scars, blemishes, and redness in a natural way, without any chemicals or additives. This advanced fractional needling system allows for quicker healing time and less discomfort. Your skin will already look better after having only one collagen induction needling treatment, but we recommend three treatments for a long-lasting glowing skin. Even customers who cringe at the notion of needles feel perfectly at ease thanks to the MDermapen.

Allow us to shed some light on LED therapy

By far the favourite collagen induction treatment at our Perth clinic is LED Light Therapy. While you may experience minor discomfort with other processes, in the case of light therapy, all you need to do is, sit back and relax. Different colours of light are available, but we use only two of these. Blue light boasts rejuvenating effects while penetrating the skin just below the superficial layer. The red light goes deeper and boosts cell renewal.

For added benefits, consider prime skin care products such as Medik8 and Jane Iredale mineral makeup. You'll find these at our clinic in Perth, or you can order them online in our web-shop. You'll be hard-pressed to find a quicker delivery in West Australia.

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