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Visit Mi:skn Clinic, Perth for Pigmentation Reduction Treatment to Get Rid of those Dark Spots on Your Skin

How lucky you are to live in Perth, where you can enjoy one of the mildest climates in Australia. During the wet winter season, the temperature rarely drops under 0°C, and snow is a rare sight. The rest of the year, you can be outside, bask in the sun, relish in its warmth, get plenty of beneficial vitamin D, and a beautiful tan.

While some Perthians still fail to see a reason to protect their skin from sunburn, to you UV-protection has become second nature. A broad spectrum SPF30 sunscreen isn't a half measure, and perhaps you're already using Medik8 Physical Sunscreen. Combine it with Jane Iredale mineral makeup, so you're well-prepared against those devastating UV-rays. You can buy both products at Mi:skn Clinic in Perth, or in our online shop.

As soon as the temperature in spring starts rising, until it gets less warm by the end of autumn, wear sunscreen daily on both your face and hands. Put on a hat in the sun, and don't apply perfume to any skin if you plan to submit it to sunrays directly. These simple precautions may be all you need to enjoy a bright, healthy, and spotless complexion for many years.

Skin Pigmentation Reduction in Perth: Simpler than reversing the wheel of time

The best possible protection measures will not keep your skin from ageing, and not all skin pigmentation is sun-induced. Hormonal activity, stress, genetics, medication, inflammation or other factors may cause dark skin patches too—ageing your appearance. Some skin types are just naturally more prone to pigmentation than others.

Have you just detected some dark skin spots? Don't panic. Contact Mi:skn Clinic in Perth for tailor-made guidance and the products which suit you best. Most likely, we'll tell you to keep using your sunscreen and not to throw away that excellent mineral makeup, but we'll also make an appointment with you to determine whether you could do with a skin pigmentation treatment at our Perth clinic. You cannot reverse the wheel of time, but that doesn't mean you must abandon hope.

Holistic dark skin treatment in Perth, West Australia

Once you arrive at Mi:skn, you may wonder why we're not pushing you into that couch, starting right away with lasers, LED-lamps or needles. Our holistic approach means that we first examine your skin thoroughly to determine what causes the pigmentation. Mi:skn is the only comprehensive integrative skin clinic in West Australia with a naturopath, an acupuncturist, and a dermal therapist.

In some cases, minor changes to your diet or other lifestyle alterations may rid you of those dark skin spots, to keep your skin free from them for a long time, or at least to slow them down. Only, after we've taken a patch test, can we offer you an effective treatment.

An anti-ageing Medi Facial, pigmentation MediPeel treatment, LED light therapy, or a Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel will work wonders on your skin, and three to five procedures may be sufficient to have a youthful pigment-free complexion again. However, if you aren't in need of a skin pigmentation reduction, then we won't force you. Nothing, however, needs to keep you from indulging in a relaxing general skin health or rejuvenation treatment.

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