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aChoose IPL for Scar Treatment and Skin Rejuvenation Therapy at our Perth Clinic

When we feel beautiful, we present ourselves more confidently to the world. When we are more confident, we tend to be more successful in our pursuits. As fashion trends and appearance standards continue to be focal points in popular culture, blemishes of any size or type can take a sizeable psychological toll on our confidence. At Mi:skn Clinic in Perth, we have a compassionate team of dedicated professionals committed to taking a comprehensive approach to skincare. We believe that when we treat the internal health of a person, that healthfulness reflects in the skin. Along with our highly qualified ILP professionals who perform IPL Scar Treatments in Perth, we offer a wide range of comprehensive skin pathology testing, and subsequent specialised treatments and therapies. Our prescription-only brand of cosmeceuticals, Medik8, is highly recommended, has produced results for many patients, is eco-friendly and free from animal cruelty.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation Treatment for Perth’s Many Lifestyles

Intense Pulsed Light (ILP) therapy uses a handheld device to deliver energy pulses of broad-spectrum light radiation to a target part of the body. The light energy is absorbed by the cells, then the cell’s remaining components are reabsorbed into the body. Whereas lasers use a single spectrum of colour (red), broad-spectrum light beams allow practitioners to adjust the gun’s filter to target specific cell types. We perform IPL Therapy at our Perth clinic in a series of short treatments every 4 to 6 weeks. Used for various skin conditions, the total number of sessions needed depends on the condition we address.

Our Perth clinic performs ILP therapy for scar treatment, hair removal, and skin rejuvenation. As the only integrated skin clinic in the area, we have spent the last 20 years building on our holistic approach to skin treatment and stimulation. Schedule an appointment with our IPL certified dermal therapist who will discuss your skin history and develop an IPL treatment plan that addresses the internal (health) as well as external (skin) factors that contribute to your complexion. Regardless of your profession, be it service, business, social or performative, the daily grind depletes the skin leaving it looking dry and tired. ILP therapy can revitalise your skin while manipulating pigmentation to conceal the appearance of scars – all without taking you too far out of your daily routine.

Integrated Holistic Skincare from Mi:skn Clinic

We believe that the skin reflects inner health. Therefore, to simply treat the skin is to put a patch over the signs of ailing health without addressing underlying causes. We want people to look and feel beautiful naturally, not dependant on harsh chemicals and treatments that only service the outer layers of skin. ILP scar treatment offers the Perth community a safe solution that reduces the appearance of scars by altering the pigmentation around the targeted area. Procedures are short, and pain is minimal. Pricing for ILP therapy at our Perth clinic depends on the desired result (hair removal, scar treatment, or skin rejuvenation) and area of the body treated.

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