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Fight Your Acne Condition with a Holistic Approach: Mi:skn Is Both an Acne Clinic and a Lycogel Makeup Stockist in Perth

Acne: it’s something that virtually everyone deals with at some point in their lives. Some of us grow out of it after our adolescent years, while others continue to struggle with it for years to come. Just because acne is common, though, does not mean it doesn’t merit care or treatment. On the contrary, acne is a complex condition that demands a professional approach. At Mi:skn, we are both an experienced acne clinic and a Lycogel stockist in Perth, known for providing a holistic approach to treating acne and other skin issues.

The Comprehensive Skin Care You Deserve

The important thing to understand about acne is that it isn’t random. There is always a cause for acne—and therefore, always a solution. What’s difficult is finding a skin care clinic that understands acne well enough to find the answer you deserve.

Mi:skn, is that clinic. We are the only integrated skin clinic in Western Australia. Our clinic is made up of a naturopath and a dermal therapist, working together to achieve more efficient treatment. This integrated approach helps us treat skin conditions from a more holistic perspective. Instead of getting stuck looking at just one side of the equation, we can survey the whole canvas. We understand that acne is not only characterised by its external manifestations, but also by its internal causes. By treating both the inside (your overall health) and the outside (your skin), we can achieve more effectual, satisfactory and long term results.

Our status as a Lycogel stockist helps, as well. A large part of skin care, of course, is the products you use on your skin on a regular basis. Lycogel is a well-regarded skincare makeup brand, known for carrying makeup products saturated with beneficial skin nutrients.

In some cases, makeup could be the issue that is causing your acne. Chemicals prominent in many cosmetic products can quickly clog the pores and cause acne inflammation. Petroleum-based makeup products are an especially common culprit. That’s not to say that your makeup products are the reason behind your acne. Everything from your skin type to your diet can be a contributing factor. Still, having a direct line to Lycogel makeup stockists is extremely useful if you discover that your current makeup is causing or contributing to your acne.

Schedule Your Appointment to Meet Our Skin Care Professionals and Lycogel Stockists

If you can’t seem to shake your acne problems, give us a call at Mi:skn. As skin care professionals with a deep knowledge of acne (as well as Lycogel stockists in Perth), we can provide you with the holistic treatment you need to improve your skincare. Whether the cause of your acne is the makeup you use or something else, we will get to the bottom of the mystery and suggest the best solution.

To make an appointment at our clinic or speak to our Lycogel makeup stockists in Perth, dial (08) 9328 3350 today.

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