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Keep Your Skin in Good Health by Finding Medik8 Skincare Stockists in Australia

Mi:skn is, first and foremost, a skincare clinic. A unique collaboration between a naturopath and a dermal therapist, our clinic takes a holistic approach to skincare that is unlike anything else available in Western Australia. By treating both the overall health of the patient and the health of their skin, we offer a more efficient way of eliminating skin issues and helping patients enjoy happier healthier lifestyles.

Of course, our focus on skincare means we have to take a stance on skincare products. While we can do a lot within our clinic to help patients, most of the healing and care processes have to happen at home. Luckily, we can recommend a skincare brand that we truly believe in, 100%. In fact, as Medik8 stockists, we can provide our patients with any skincare products they may need to resolve their skin complaints.

About Medik8

If you’ve never heard of Medik8 before, don’t worry: this isn’t some cheap third-tier brand offering questionable products. On the contrary, Medik8 is a prestigious skincare brand that bases its formulas and intended benefits on genuine scientific research. The company is exceptionally deliberate about the ingredients it includes in its products. For instance, all Medik8 skincare products are 100% paraben free. Medik8 products are also formulated for maximum penetration, to guarantee the most noticeable results.

Another significant benefit to finding Medik8 skincare stockists in Australia is that Medik8 cosmeceuticals are ethically sourced. Environmentally green and produced with no animal cruelty whatsoever, Medik8 products are ideal for consumers who tend to have misgivings about the ethics behind cosmetic and cosmeceutical manufacturers.

If you haven’t seen Medik8 on the shelf at your local supermarket, that’s because your supermarket is not a Medik8 skincare stockist. Medik8 products are only available from experienced and qualified skin care professionals. In other words, if you want to try a Medik8 product, you need to get it from a dermatologist, a dermal therapist or some other well-trained professional in the skincare industry.

Mi:skn Is Your Medik8 Skincare Stockist in Australia

At Mi:skn, we are proud to be one of the authorised Medik8 stockists in Australia. We carry a wide range of Medik8 products, each of which serves a slightly different purpose. No matter what type of skin issue you come to us seeking treatment for, there is likely a corresponding Medik8 product to provide relief and treatment.

Remember, though, that all Medik8 cosmeceuticals are prescription only, though. As a result, if you are interested in trying a Medik8 product, you first need to consult with a skincare professional. As Medik8 skincare stockists, our doctors at Mi:skn are qualified to prescribe Medik8 products and otherwise help you with your skin concerns.

To book an appointment at our Perth offices, give us a call (08) 9328 3350. We would also be happy to answer any questions you might have about Medik8 cosmeceuticals or our clinic in general.

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