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Naturopathic Scar Treatments are a Natural Choice for Perth

When you were young, and your face was full of acne, everyone told you that it was a necessary evil of growing up. It wasn’t until you went to university that you learned how important nutrition is to healthy skin complexion. In recent years, since dumping junk food from your diet, you have seen a marked improvement in your complexion, unfortunately, the scars from years of acne and poor nutrition remain. Acne scars can be a difficult challenge in part because the face is already such a sensitive canvas. Since you already come into Mi:skn Clinic in Perth for your Jane Iredale makeup and our Medik8 skincare lines, next time stop and talk with our receptionist about our naturopathic scar treatment available to the Perth community. Natural scar treatment using our Dermapen has provided excellent results to our Perth clients with minimal pain.

Naturopathic Scar Treatments Available in Perth by Mi:skn

Dermapens facilitate micro-needling, a time-tested process for acne scar reduction. Dermapen is the most advanced system available on the market. Popular in Perth, this scar treatment is recommended for the reduction of visible scarring and can begin after a month without breakouts. Along with precision scar treatment, this system causes less discomfort which promotes faster healing time. We’ll set you up with a series of sessions about four weeks apart at our holistic clinic in Perth. There, our experienced and highly professional staff are happy to assess the pathology of your past acne and set you on the road toward clear skin. We believe that natural scar treatments work with the body’s systems to promote rejuvenation and overall healthfulness. As opposed to pricey plastic surgery solutions, or the use of potentially toxic chemicals, needling has become the preferred method for natural scar treatment. Needling works by breaking down scar tissue and stimulating the production of new collagen; after a few treatments, the scarred skin smoother.

Choose Mi:skn for a truly Integrated Skincare Experience

Since 2010, Mi:skn has served the community coming from the holistic philosophy that caring for the skin requires caring for the internal wellbeing of the person. Yes, diet and exercise promote clear skin, but there is more to the equation. When formulating individualised solutions for our clients with acne, we turn to our team’s Naturopath, Brooke Venables who wrote our protocol for naturopathic scar treatments. An acne consultant for five years, she works closely with our accredited dermal therapist, Sarah Kontor, who is responsible for personalising our client’s skincare plans across multiple skin conditions. For many, after years of chemical-based acne treatments, naturopathic scar treatments available in Perth are a breath of fresh air. Not all treatments require needling; there are other options including essential oil treatments and acupuncture. As part of our integrated skincare approach, we have an acupuncturist, Francesca Perino, on our team. With so many options, it’s worth stopping in and seeing how Mi:skn Clinic can help you achieve the blemish-free skin you’ve desired since childhood.

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