At Mi:skn Clinic, we understand the intricate, interconnected causes of skin ageing. We believe its important to embrace ageing as a natural part of life. But the good news is we also know how you can take years off and attain healthy, vibrant skin with a holistic protocol of internal and external skincare.


While the natural ageing process is genetic and sadly can’t be halted, we can influence the external factors which speed up the ageing process and leave us looking older before our time. Here are the top three causes of skin ageing:

THE SUN: Ultraviolet (UV) rays from sunlight cause up to 80% of the visible signs of ageing we experience. UVA (those that age the skin) and UVB (those that burn the skin) can penetrate deep into the skin, causing DNA damage and creating harmful free radicals which degrade collagen. The result is cells that are no longer able to regenerate and protect themselves. This leads to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, uneven tone and texture and sagging skin.

ENVIRONMENT & FREE RADICAL DAMAGE: many factors contribute to the levels of free radicals in your skin, particularly pollution and UV. Pollution comes in many different shapes and sizes: cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, tiny particles in the air and ozone can seep into the skin and trigger free radical production. Blue light from screens is very similar in wavelength to harmful UV light and has been found to cause hyper-pigmentation and free radical damage. IR (infrared) radiation derived from sunlight also penetrates the skin and has been found to cause free radical production and even collagen degradation.

GLYCATION: one of the least recognised factors in ageing, glycation is caused from accumulated sugar from the diet. Excess sugar molecules bind themselves to collagen and elastin fibres creating advanced glycation end products (A.G.E.s for short). As a result, the collagen is deformed and cellular turnover is reduced which leads to sagging, devitalised skin.


When it comes to prevention, Medik8's CSA Physosophy is the easiest and most effective skincare protocol to adopt. Topical Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Sunscreen are the three most important ingredients to prevent and reverse the signs of aging. Support your skin internally with natural supplements and you have the perfect recipe to combat the usual signs of aging. 

VITAMIN C: applied topically Vitamin c is able to stimulate collagen production, block the production of pigment and provide an urban shield from free radicals. Vitamin C has all your anti-ageing, pigmentation and protection needs covered. Find the right vitamin C for you here. Supplement Vitamin C internally with our powerful Collagen-C tablets to support natural collagen production and ensure the integrity of connective tissue. Treating inside and out is the best way to combat any skin concern.

SUN PROTECTION: as one of the biggest factors in the ageing process, wearing a high protection sunscreen every day is the most important preventative measure against premature skin ageing. Add SPF 30 Physical Sunscreen to your morning routine. Protecting ourselves from the harsh effects of UV rays has caused many Australians to be Vitamin D deficient. Get your levels checked by our Naturopath and supplement Vitamin D orally if needed. The anti-oxidant present in Vitamin D prevents skin damage and premature ageing of skin when taken via supplements or included in diet.

VITAMIN A: The gold standard in anti-ageing, a skincare routine is not complete without the addition of an evening vitamin A, or Retinol. Working to restore skin from daily damage, vitamin A speeds up cellular renewal, enhances collagen synthesis and helps prevents hyper-pigmentation. Take a look at our Vitamin A  range to ensure you pick the perfect one for you.

Supplementing skin friendly EFAs like Complexion Perfection, and taking a targeted Skin Multivitamin like Glow Getter completes the perfect anti-aging protocol.



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