Managing Body Acne

Body acne is most common in men because testosterone makes male skin thicker and oiler, this together with increased hair follicles and sweating, makes body breakouts more likely. Since 2010 our clinic has helped hundreds of clients manage breakouts.

Dietary and lifestyle changes can make a big difference to body acne; our team have the experience to guide and advise you, empowering you to make changes that will lead to healthy skin.

If you are experiencing ongoing Body Acne, get started on your skin journey with a 1-hour Initial Consultation with our Clinic Director.

Every skin journey is different, typically our clients with body acne will:

  • Start on corrective skincare to reduce infection and inflammation.

  • Take nutritional or herbal supplements prescribed by our holistic practitioners. 

  • Have regular Healite LED Light Therapy or Cleansing Back Treatment. 

  • Implement personalised lifestyle and dietary changes under the guidance of our Clinic Director.

  • Some clients will benefit from working with our Clinic Naturopath, this will allow us to do pathology testing, hormone testing and deep-dive into your health to truly address the causative factor of your acne.

We are different because we have the resources to work holistically and address all your skin's needs under one roof. As a team, we have seen hundreds of clients with body acne and have confidence in helping you overcome your skin condition. We are regarded as one of Australia’s leading acne specialist clinics.

Have questions? Click here to book a discovery call with our Clinic Director to see how we can help you reach happier, healthier skin. Let's work together to build a path to healthier skin!