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Francesca Perino: Clinic Founder and Chinese Medicine Practitioner 

Having gained a Bachelor of Science (Acupuncture) at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (UK) in 2006, Francesca furthered her studies in TCM Dermatology and Cosmetic Acupuncture by completing numerous post-graduate programs in both in the UK and Australia. 

With over 20 years experience in her field, Francesca has developed a uniquely holistic knowledge of dermatology, skin disease and cosmetic medicine. This allows her to successfully blend complementary medicine with cosmetic and dermal medicine in our clinic. 

Francesca's passion for skin health came from a fascination with the human body and how internal inbalances can manifest as skin disorders. She makes it her mission to discover the cause of skin concerns, and pulling the puzzle together so clients can better understand and manage their skin condition.

After 13 years as clinic director at Mi Skn Clinic, Francesca says: "When it comes to skin there isn't much I haven't seen. The stranger, the better. I love a challange, bring it on!"

Francesca has a hands-on approach to her clinical practice, consulting with all first-time clients to identify their needs and devise a personalised treatment protocol. It is important to her to meet every single person that walks through the clinic's doors and learn their skin story. She takes pride in sharing her knowledge and educating clients, and personally follows every client's skin journey, advising and guiding our team to ensure we fulfil the client goals. 

Francesca has contributed to articles in Wellbeing Magazine, Nature and Health Magazine, The West Australian, FHM and Vogue Australia.

Francesca is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and APRHA.

Michaela Sheehy: Clinic Coordinator

Michaela's relationship with Mi Skn Clinic started in 2020, when she reached out for help as a client after struggling with her own skin for 10+ years.

On completing school Michaela studied Acting and Musical Theatre at WAAPA graduating in 2018; she then performed and worked locally in the arts community. 

Her skin journey with us sparked a passion for holistic health; so when the Clinic Coordinator opportunity presented itself unexpectedly in May 2023, Michaela felt this was the change she needed. Passionate about customer service, super organised and with a solid background in administration, Michaela was excited about using her skills in an environment that was meaningful.

She says "Being able to be there with clients on their own skin journey lights me up. I'm incredibly excited to see where this path leads me!"

Michaela is in charge of keeping our team organised, keeping our clients happy and ensuring every aspect of our clinic runs smoothly while our team is busy saving skin and changing lives. 

Solien Bokani: Naturopath

Solien joined the team at Mi Skn Clinic in August 2020. Having recently graduated from Endeavour College with a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy), Solien chose to focus on skin disorders during her two years as a Student Naturopathic Practitioner at Wellnation Clinic in East Perth.

Solien's interest in skin disorders was sparked from a very personal experience, successfully treating her father's chronic eczema whilst still a student.

Solien is passionate about using nutrition, lifestyle and herbal medicine to correct imbalances that lead to inflammatory skin disorders. She has a special interest in women's hormones, eczema and in peri-oral dermatitis, a common yet tough condition to treat.

Solien is an integral part of our team, allowing us to extend our truly holistic inside-out approach to skin care. 

Ella Zukanovic: Dermal Nurse (EN)

In October 2020 Ella joined our team as a Dermal Nurse.

After graduating from high school Ella embarked in a Diploma in Enrolled Nursing, completing this in 2019. Following a well earned family holiday in Europe, Ella decided to focus her carreer towards skin care and completed an Graduate Diploma in Cosmetic Nursing at AACDS in 2019. 

During her studies at AACDS and her first jobs as a dermal therapist, Ella felt there was something missing "I wanted to help people at a deeper level, to look at more than just the outside, but I didn't know what this could look like". In her years at Mi Skn Clinic, Ella has completely embraced our holistic approach to skin health and often says "I love my job!".

In January 2023 Ella qualified as a Cosmetic Tattoo Artist and shares her time between our skin health clinic and our new aesthetics weekend clinic. 

Ella's passion for health, wellbeing and skin care, combined with her compassionate and nurturing nature, makes her the perfect choice for our holistic skin clinic. 

Bea Wilson: Dermal Nurse (RN)

Bea joined our team in June 2023. Having graduated from a Bachelor of Science (Nursing) in 2020, Bea embarked on a carreer as a hospital RN but soon found this was not the right path for her. Exploring her options she enrolled in a Postgraduate Diploma in Cosmetic and Dermal Science at AACDS, while working as a Practice Nurse. 

During her time studying at AACDS, the unit ‘integrated health for dermatology’ by Marian Morley, sparked her interest in a holistic approach to skin health and wellness. She became fascinated by the relationship between skin, brain and gut and their impact on each other. So when she found Mi Skn Clinic, she knew our holistic approach to skin health was the perfect fit for her next carreer move. 

Bea says: "As someone who suffers with an autoimmune condition that comes with inflammatory skin symptoms, I understand how these symptoms can impact your confidence and wellbeing. I want to help others gain control of their skin health and by doing so, their inner wellbeing."

Bea is compassionate, a strong communicator and enjoys building therapeutic relationships with my clients. She passionate about skin and a holistic approach to health. It is her dream to become a skin and gut health ‘guru’!

Maddy Geary: Dermal Nurse (RN)

Maddy found Mi Skn Clinic in 2021 after struggling with post-pill acne. It was from here that she found a passion for skin health and living a holistic, healthy lifestyle.

After graduating high school, Maddy studied Bachelor of Science (Nursing), graduating in 2018 as a Registered Nurse. After working in the Emergency Department for 5 years and experiencing burnout during covid, Maddy felt it was time for her to embark on a new career path.

Inspired by her own skin journey and her experience with the Mi Skn team, Maddy embarked on a Diploma of Dermal Science at AACDS, completing this in November 2022.

Maddy joined our team as a Dermal Nurse in July 2022, while completing her Diploma she trained in-clinic and quickly became a key member of our team. Maddy still takes shifts as a RN in ED, her medical training is an asset to our holistic team. 

She will be on maternity leave until early 2024.

Adriani Geiger: Dermal Therapist

Adriani started her relationship with our clinic as a client, seeking help with breakouts a number of years ago, she joined our team as a trainee Dermal Therapist in 2020. 

In 2018 Adriani completed a three year Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine) at Endeavour College of Natural Health. She has since worked on a number of projects as a recipe developer and nutritionist. 

As a qualified Clinical Nutritionist and a member of the Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA), Adriani has a holistic understanding of skin health. She completed an Advanced Diploma in Cosmetic Dermal Science at AACDS in 2021. 

Adriani's unique blend of nutritional and dermal training makes perfectly equipped to treat our clients holistically.

She is currently on maternity leave until late 2023. 

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