Managing Skin Since 2010


Francesca, an experienced practitioner with 20+ years in the field, holds a Bachelor of Science in Acupuncture. She has a special intrest in TCM Dermatology and Cosmetic Acupuncture, knowledge and experience she gained through post-graduate programs in the UK and Australia, and her years in practice.

She seamlessly combines complementary medicine with cosmetic and dermal treatments at her clinic, Mi Skn Clinic, since 2010.

Passionate about skin health and identifying root causes of skin issues, Francesca personally consults with every new client to create tailored treatment plans and offers ongoing guidance. She manages her team to ensure optimum outcomes for each client.

Over the years Francesca has been published in various glossy publications. She is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and APRHA.


Solien became part of the Mi Skn Clinic team in July 2020. Having graduated with a bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy, Solien has had 5 years of clinical experience working with clients in achieving optimum health. 

She is a strong believer in supporting the body's innate ability to heal itself given the right environment and tools. Solien guides clients on their health journey through educating clients and with the use of dietary and lifestyle adjustments, as well as herbal and nutritional medicine. Solien loves working together with the Mi Skn team to heal skin from within. Common skin conditions seen by the naturopath are acne, eczema and perioral dermatitis. In addition, Solien sees a broad range of general health concerns, such as gut health, sleep, anxiety, fatigue, period health, fertility and hormonal imbalances. She is committed to treating the root cause of health issues and taking on an individualised approach as every human is unique.


In October 2020, Ella joined the team as a Dermal Nurse after completing her Diploma in Enrolled Nursing in 2019, followed by a Graduate Diploma in Cosmetic Nursing from AACDS.

During her studies and initial employment as a dermal therapist, Ella felt a desire to help people skin on a deeper level, which she found at Mi Skn Clinic.

She has fully embraced the clinic's holistic approach to skin health and became a qualified Cosmetic Tattoo Artist in January 2023.

Ella's passion for health, well-being, and skin care, combined with her nurturing nature, makes her an excellent fit for the holistic skin clinic.


Bea joined our team in June 2023.

Having completed a Bachelor of Science (Nursing) in 2020 and gained experience as a hospital RN, Bea realized it wasn't the right fit for her and pursued a Postgraduate Diploma in Cosmetic and Dermal Science at AACDS while working as a Practice Nurse.

During her studies, she became intrigued by the holistic approach to skin health, particularly the interplay between skin, brain, and gut. This led her to Mi Skn Clinic, where she felt a strong alignment with our holistic philosophy.

Bea, who personally understands the impact of inflammatory skin symptoms due to an autoimmune condition, is dedicated to helping others regain control of their skin health and overall well-being. She excels in building therapeutic relationships with clients and aspires to be a skin and gut health expert.


Maddy discovered Mi Skn Clinic in 2021 as a client struggling with post-pill acne, working with our team she developed a passion for skin health and holistic living.

Maddy initially pursued a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, graduating as a Registered Nurse in 2018, and worked in the Emergency Department for five years until experiencing burnout during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Motivated by her own skin journey and inspired by the Mi Skn team, Maddy undertook a Diploma of Dermal Science at AACDS, completing it in November 2022. She joined our team as a Dermal Nurse in July 2022, concurrently balancing her RN shifts in the ED, where her medical expertise adds value to our holistic approach.

Currently, Maddy is on maternity leave and expected to return in early 2024.


Adriani, who initially sought help for breakouts as a client, joined our team as a trainee Dermal Therapist in 2020.

She holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine from Endeavour College of Natural Health, completed in 2018, and has worked as a recipe developer and nutritionist.

As a qualified Clinical Nutritionist and a member of the Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA), Adriani possesses a holistic understanding of skin health.

In 2021, she completed an Advanced Diploma in Cosmetic Dermal Science at AACDS, equipping her with a unique blend of nutritional and dermal training to provide holistic care to our clients.

Currently, Adriani is on maternity leave and is expected to return in late 2023.


Diana has been involved with Mi Skn Clinic from its beginnings in 2010, supporting and advising Francesca's vision for a holistic skin clinic.

In 2021 Diana stepped away from the corporate world with a wish to support small independent businesses in their growth. Her role at Mi Skn involves managing all our operations, including our processes, procedures and systems; ensuring we have everything on-site to support our clients and the team. She is also responsible for managing our marketing and doubles up as a handywoman when something breaks!

Diana has an extensive background in international operations and finance over 25 years across a wide variety of industries.