Our holistic approach to Eczema

Having worked in skin health since 2010, our team has hands-on experience in helping you manage your Eczema, to minimize the symptoms and reduce the severity and incidence of flare-ups. Read our testimonials to see how we helped others with Eczema. 

As we are not medical practitioners, we always recommend consulting your general practitioner (doctor) about your skin concerns before reaching out to any skin clinic. Once you have a diagnosis, you may want to include our holistic approach to the medical management of your Eczema.

Eczema usually starts in childhood, and there is almost always a family history of the condition. In adults, Eczema can re-surface due to environmental changes or high periods of stress. Most commonly, Eczema in adults affects the hands, face, neck and eyes.  If you are experiencing ongoing Eczema, get started on your skin journey with a 1-hour Initial Consultation with our Clinic Director.

Your personalised Eczema management protocol will typically include:

  • Skincare to reduce inflammation, soothe dryness and repair the skin barrier.

  • Nutritional supplements, under the guidance of our Clinic Director or Naturopath.

  • Weekly Healite LED Light Therapy to reduce redness and strengthen the skin barrier.

  • Weekly Acupuncture Treatment, which recent studies have found to be beneficial in reducing the symptoms of eczema, particularly itch. 

  • Personalised lifestyle and dietary changes under the guidance of our Clinic Director and/or Naturopath. 

We welcome the opportunity to work with infants and children experiencing Eczema; this will include Dermaviduals skincare and working with our Clinic’s Naturopath. 

Have questions? Click here to book a discovery call with our Clinic Director to see how we can help you reach happier, healthier skin. Let's work together to build a path to healthier skin!