Minimizing Psoriasis Symptoms

Psoriasis is thought to be an auto-immune condition, and there is almost always a family history. Psoriasis cannot be completely overcome; our clinic’s aim is to minimize the symptoms and reduce the severity and incidence of flare-ups.

Most clients with Psoriasis have had a diagnosis from a medical practitioner and would like to explore adding a holistic approach to the management of their condition. We always recommend consulting your general practitioner (doctor) about your concerns before reaching out to any skin clinic. 

Psoriasis is often challenging to manage, so it is important for our team to understand your skin and your health in depth. This is why we start new clients with a 1-hour Initial Consultation with our Clinic Director. Together we will devise a skin management protocol that suits your needs. 

Every skin journey is different, typically our clients with Psoriasis will:

  • Start on skincare to reduce cellular turnover in Psoriasis areas and help inflammation.
  • Take natural supplements to reduce inflammation and address any nutritional deficiencies known to be linked to the worsening of Psoriasis symptoms.
  • Take TGA-approved Traditional Chinese Herbs to address the internal causative factors. 
  • Have regular Healite LED Light Therapy, which has been seen to offer relief of symptoms.
  • Implement personalised lifestyle and dietary changes under the guidance of our Clinic Director.
  • Clients with more advanced or stubborn Psoriasis will be encouraged to work with our Clinic Naturopath; this will allow us to do pathology testing, explore internal and external triggers and ensure we are healing your skin using a whole-health approach. 

It is our goal to educate and make you feel empowered about your skin, to enable you to be in control and have confidence in managing your concerns long-term. Click here to book a discovery call with our Clinic Director to see how we can help you reach happier, healthier skin.