Our Approach to Redness and Rosacea

Whether you are struggling with generalised skin redness or have been diagnosed with Rosacea, we have the experience and tools to help you manage your skin condition and improve its appearance. However, as we are not medical practitioners, we cannot formally diagnose your skin condition and always recommend consulting your general practitioner (doctor) about your concerns before reaching out to any skin clinic. 

Generalised skin redness may be caused by skin barrier impairment, skin sensitivity or long-term exposure to sun, wind and heat. With the right skincare, supplements and skin treatments, it is possible to greatly improve the appearance of this type of redness or overcome it completely.  

Rosacea is typically a complex condition to manage, it is most common in fair-skinned women, and there is usually a family history. The cause of Rosacea is unknown; however, in our Clinic we have seen links to poor gut health, high stress, diet and hormonal fluctuations. 

All new clients should start with an in-depth 1-hour Initial Consultation with our Clinic Director. We will spend some time discussing your needs and goals and devise a management plan. 

Management of your condition will be personalised; typically, clients with redness or Rosacea will:

  • Start on skincare to reduce inflammation, strengthen capillaries and balance the skin barrier. 

  • Take natural supplements to reduce inflammation and restore balance in the gut. 

  • Have regular Healite LED Light Therapy, which has been clinically proven to reduce redness and inflammation while strengthening cellular function. 

  • Implement personalised lifestyle and dietary changes under the guidance of our Clinic Director.

  • Clients with diagnosed Rosacea will be encouraged to also work with our Clinic Naturopath; this will ensure an in-depth and long-term approach to managing your flare-ups. 

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