Here's Some Things You May Want To Know!

Do I need a referral to visit your Clinic?

No, as we are not medical practitioners you do not need a doctor’s referral to see one of our skin experts.

How do I know if I need to see a skin expert?

If you're experiencing persistent skin issues like acne, dermatitis, eczema, rashes, or any concerns that affect your skin's health and appearance, a visit to a skin clinic can be beneficial. Our experts can provide a thorough assessment of your skin concerns and a tailored treatment plan.

Can you give me a prescription?

No, as we are not medical practitioners, we cannot prescribe pharmaceuticals commonly used to manage skin conditions. Please visit your doctor for any queries about prescriptions.

Do you offer mole checks?

No, as we are not medical practitioners, we cannot diagnose or check for skin cancers; please visit your doctor for any concerns about moles or changes in your skin.

Is your clinic a good fit for me?

Since 2010 we have helped hundred of people manage their skin conditions. If you are after a holistic approach, focussing on the root cause and are ready to take a journey towards healthy skin, then we are absolutely the right people for you. Visit our before and after page, read our reviews and head over to our Instagram page to learn more about our approach.

What skin conditions do you specialise in?

Our clinic has a special interest in inflammatory skin conditions. We are experienced in managing acne on the face and body for all ages, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and any other skin concern that relates to the health of your skin. 

Do I need to make an appointment or just walk-in?

All new clients should book an appointment before coming to the clinic. You can book a Discovery Call or Complimentary Skincare Review to learn more about what we can offer.

Do I need a consultation?

Yes, as a skin treatment clinic we require all new clients to have a 1hr/$120 Initial Skin Consultation with our Clinic Director. This ensures we have a thorough understanding of your skin and health history and your goals.

What can I expect from my initial skin consultation?

During your initial 1-hour skin consultation, you will discuss your concerns with our Clinic Director. She will explore your skin and health history to get a clear understanding of the underlying causes associated with your skin concerns. During the consultation, you will have ample time to ask questions. You will walk away with practical knowledge and a personalised skin treatment protocol should you wish to continue your skin journey with us.

How much will treatment cost?

No two clients are the same. Your skin condition is unique, and the cost associated with managing this will depend on its severity, the length of time you’ve had the condition and many other factors. We keep your budget in mind and tailor treatment protocols to suit your lifestyle. Visit our booking calendar to check prices of our treatments.

How long will it take to see results?

Every journey is different, and this changes from person to person. We aim to show you some positive shifts in your skin within the first month of treatment with us, and then continue to steadily improve from there. The length of your skin journey will relate to how much we invest into treatments and how committed you are to the process with your home protocol. An average skin journey can take anywhere between 3 months and 18 months.