Working with you towards healthy skin

Having worked in skin health since 2010, we have had the opportunity to see a multitude of skin concerns. Our Clinic Director, Francesca says “When it comes to skin, there isn’t much I haven’t seen. The stranger, the better. I love a challenge; bring it on!” 

From the client that experienced hives after showering, to the dark patches of scaly skin on a client’s face, to the round sores on a teen’s hand. We have seen clients with skin reactions from dermal treatments, fungal infections, and swollen eyes. We unpack your skin condition, health and lifestyle together to discover what could be causing your concern and how to manage it holistically. 

Yet, even with so many years of experience, sometimes we simply won’t know what is troubling your skin, and we will honestly tell you. A formal diagnosis can help us manage your skin, so we always recommend having consulted your doctor before seeking help from a holistic practitioner or any skin clinic.  

Start your skin journey with a 1-hour Initial Consultation with our Clinic Director. 

It is our goal to educate and make you feel empowered about your skin, to enable you to be in control and have confidence in managing your concerns long-term. Click here to book a discovery call to see if our clinic is a good fit for your needs, lifestyle and skin goals.


Acute Redness & Dermatitis
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