Naturopathy Treatments


Mi Skn Clinic Naturopath Solien Bokani joined our team in July 2020. She is a strong believer in supporting the body's innate ability to heal itself given the right environment and tools. Solien loves working together with the Mi Skn team to heal skin from within. Common skin conditions managed by our in-clinic naturopath are acne, eczema and perioral dermatitis. In addition, Solien sees a broad range of general health concerns, such as gut health, sleep, anxiety, fatigue, period health, fertility and hormonal imbalances. She is committed to treating the root cause of health issues and taking on an individualised approach as every human is unique.

Our Naturopath works with Nurse Practitioner Cherie Carter to request pathology testing for general health and hormones.

Skin And Gut Health

Whatever is going on in your gut is reflected on your skin. Your gut microbiome and gut barrier communicate with your skin via the gut-skin-axis. An imbalanced gut microbiome and a disrupted gut barrier will negatively affect your skin microbiome and skin barrier, resulting in skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis and eczema. If you experience any gut issues or have taken many antibiotics, you can work together with the naturopath to heal your gut and positively transform your skin.

Skin And Hormones

Do you break out just before your period starts? There is most likely an underlying hormonal imbalance that's causing your acne. The naturopath can give you a referral on the initial naturopathic consultation to get your hormones tested. Common hormonal imbalances can be addressed under the guidance of the naturopath.

Skin And Oral Contraceptive Pill

Are you wanting to come off the pill but are scared? It is highly recommended to work with the naturopath to support and prepare the body for a few months prior to coming off the pill. This ensures a smooth transition for the body and prevention of post pill acne. Naturopathic support will carry on after the client has come off hormonal contraception.

Skin And Stress

Do you find your skin flares up when you're stressed? It's quite possible that stress might be the contributing factor to your chronic skin condition. We can't eliminate stress from your life... However, the naturopath can work with you and help support a healthier stress response in the body and can help regulate your stress hormones better. Natural medicine consists of powerful medicinal herbs that can be very beneficial for people who have high stress lives.

If you's like to understand how Solien can help you acheive your skin andhealth goals, book a free complimentary discovery call and she will happily answer any questions.

Naturopathy Consultation Costs

Initial Skin or Health Naturopathic Consultation 75min/$175

Extended Naturopathic Consult ation 45min/$150

Short Naturopathic Consultation 30min/$85

Nurse Practitioner Pathology Referral 10min/$50

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