For most people, a quick and easy breakfast that is packed full of the nutrient content sounds like a hard feat. This is why smoothies have become so popular, it’s the easiest way to provide energy and goodness for your day ahead – added bonus, this power smoothie 100% skin friendly, it will not mess with blood sugar levels. 

This super smoothie has the perfect trio of ingredients that will provide overall nutritional benefits to your breakfast. Blueberries will load you up with antioxidants, which work to neutralize free radicals. Avocado will give you fibre, a must have for a healthy gut and a mix of potassium, polyunsaturated and mono-saturated fats. Add an apple into the mix and you have another hit of antioxidants and fibre which will help in digestive balance and aid in boosting your energy levels. Almond milk will add proteins to help you feel full longer. 

WHAT: ½ a ripe avocado - 1 cup of blueberries - 1 green apple, cored and chopped - ½ cup sweetened almond/coconut milk - A handful of ice

HOW: Add all ingredients to a blender and blend on high for 1-2 minutes or until smooth.

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