Widely recognized as a fighter for internal health issues, vitamin C is also one of the essential vitamins for optimal skin wellbeing. It is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, a tyrosinase inhibitor (assisting in diminishing pigmentation) and aids in the anti-aging of skin and cells by boosting collagen production.

Vitamin C is readily available in a wide range of fruits and vegetables, as well as being available in multiple oral supplements, however, even though digestible forms of vitamin C may be easily absorbed into the circulation stream, studies suggest that oral ingestion alone is not sufficient to gain prime skin functionality.

The Human Body Needs It, But Can’t Retain It

Unfortunately, the human body and its organs will absorb any traces of vitamin C required for their functionality before considering the needs of the skin. The human body has no physical way to store vitamin C, so the body will only absorb what small amounts it can through oral intake, and the remainder will be left to dissolve and breakdown. So, considering how short lived the ingested vitamin C is within our body, we cannot solely reply on systemic supply to adequately nourish our skin and it’s with this reason a topical application is a must.

Why The Skin Needs It

A topically applied Vitamin C can penetrate through the layers of the skin and be absorbed into the cell structures that need it most. With the ability to treat skin aging, melasma, rosacea and scars, vitamin C is a highly sort after ingredient for healing and preventing many skin concerns.

It’s All In The Formulation

The crucial part to the topically applied vitamin C is down to the formulation of product. Without a well balance molecular structure, there will be no penetration of vitamin C into the skin, or worse, the vitamin C will oxidise which leads to rapid degradation and damage to the skin and its cell structure.

We recommend and use Medik8 VItamin C products. As a pioneer in the formulations of vitamin C within the global skin care industry, Medik8 has created a highly active, yet not irritable series of vitamin C serums that allow for the vitamin c to be rechargeable within the skin. What does this mean? It is a clever slow release system that is designed to slowly drip feed the vitamin C is small, manageable quantities so that the skin better able to absorb it and put the ingredient to good use. 

Choose from the Medik8 range of C-Tetra, CE-Tetra and the new C-Tetra Cream.

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