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"Sarah is a very skilled clinician and I’ve trusted her with my skin journey since 2014. I know no matter the severity of my acne I trust that Sarah will help my skin. Medi Peels are a little uncomfortable but the results last up to a month. A month of worry free skin is always a huge confidence booster. Thank you ladies for all your help!"

(N.C. Perth)


"I have aggravated eczema on my neck and face and Healite Treatment works wonders to soothe the itching and help reduce inflammation, would recommend to anyone suffering from eczema"

(A.S. Perth)


"From start to finish I felt looked after. I hadn’t had epidermal levelling prior to this and would definitely recommend it"

(T.S. Perth)


"Wonderful, relaxing environment and the Healite Treatment is very effective on my acne."

(C.B. Perth)

"Just wanted to email you to let you know that I had a really nice appointment yesterday arvo. Emily did a facial for me and I felt so refreshed and happy when I left the clinic yesterday. I originally had an extraction appointment booked in with Sarah (before she disappears for a couple of weeks – so jelly!!) but she suggested I would benefit in having a facial instead. Things are getting very hectic in these last few weeks before life completely changes and it was nice to do something for myself and as Sarah simply put it “TREAT YO SELF”. Love you guys and the fabulous work you do!! xox"

(A.P.  Perth)

"Thank you ladies for my Medi-facial this afternoon. It really made my day. You were both so friendly and welcoming and my skin feels fantastic. I will be back for more of your expert advice."

(B.M.  Perth)

"If you're prepared to finally do something about problem skin rather than just "treating" the surface symptoms, this is the place for you! The lovely ladies at Mi:skn Clinic will make you feel welcome, in control and equipped with knowledge, advice and the right skincare for you. There really is no quick fix (or pill!) for acne, so make an investment in your skin by visiting the experts and committing to a long term action plan that's good for your body and mind! Very happy with my experience at Mi:skn :) "

(E.D.  Perth)

"Struggling with acne was a significant part of my adolescent years, especially around the age of 16-17. I had tried the 'standard oily skin and acne face washes' to topical antibiotic creams and tablets. Post High-School, I assumed that with less stress and growing out of adolescence that my acne would settle down. It did a little, but once and a while I would experience a break out. It got to the point where I hit 20 and was getting quite angry as to why the breakouts hadn’t stopped. As a male, going to a skin and acne clinic was not my first preference, but I decided to give mi:skn a chance.

Francesca, Brooke and Sarah are awesome! Knowledgable, skilful and enthusiastic about what they do! They are welcoming of anyone and everyone! My initial consultation with Brooke was extremely eye opening; finding out just how significantly diet, blood sugar, sleep and stress were impacting on my skin and that topical care is not the ‘only’ nor ‘best' solution. Strict changes to my diet and skin care coupled with extractions and peels with Sarah saw a massive improvement in my skin within the first three months."

It has been two years since my first treatment at the clinic and the thing I thank mi:skn for the most is the personal awareness. Whilst my skin is not the clearest all the time and I still go through the occasional breakout, I now know what the triggers are. I know that I have binged on a bit of a sugar craving, that I can expect a breakout in the following week. I know I am the one responsible for controlling my diet, stress and sleep. Thanks to mi:skn, I know exactly what I need to do if I want to see an improvement in my skin. If you want to find out what is contributing to your skin and how to treat it holistically, then pay the mi:skn team a visit!!"

(D.A.  Perth)

“Just wanted to thank Sarah And Francesca for their professionalism, friendliness and advice. My skin already looks better after having only one skin needling treatment and starting on the Medik8 products. Will definitely be back for a second treatment. ”

(R.F.  Perth)

“It was only once I turned 30 I broke out horrible acne all over my cheeks and chin. I tried lots of things topically giving me a temporary fix but not helping with the underlying problem. After visiting Mi:skn Clinic I realised it was more about what was happening hormonally and by using diet and stress management techniques plus the wonderful Medik8 products I'm free of my continued breakouts. It has taken time and various treatment but my skin has healed and I no longer have acne scars. Giving me the confidence to use less products and changes to natural mineral makeups also. So grateful for the education from the Mi:Skn team.”

(A.H.  Perth)

“As a teenager I suffered badly with acne due to hormonal imbalances, I never imagined at nearly 30 I'd face the same agony. The acne started in March 2014, I had stopped taking the pill the previous November. The doctor put me back on the pill, Yasmin and gave me creams to try which just inflamed and irritated the cysts. After 3-4mths and no improvement I went back to the doctor who gave me antibiotics with the next step being roacutane. I was at my wits end and really struggling with confidence and in quite a bit of pain due to the infected cysts on my face. I remember finding it difficult to eat an apple as I couldn't open my mouth wide enough. It just so happened I heard a radio advert for Mi:Skn before I had started taking the antibiotics. I booked in for an initial consultation in September 2014 with Sarah & Brooke and my world improved from that day forward! Following thorough consultations, blood and hormone tests we put a treatment plan in place. My treatment involved a change of diet, LED light treatments, extraction, peels and a combination of supplements and Chinese herbal medicine. Within a couple of months I noticed a huge improvement and now a year on (apart from slight marking) you'd never know I even had acne. It was a really hard time for me physically and emotionally, but I was always made to feel like I was in a comfortable safe place when I visited the clinic. The discretion and compassion from all 3 ladies made the whole process less painful. Francesca, Brooke and Sarah, I can't thank you enough for helping me through such a difficult time.”

(S.G. Perth)

“I began suffering from acne from the age of 14 where I was swiftly prescribed a round of antibiotics that led to me trying Roaccutane at a fairly young age coupled with the contraceptive pill. I went on to try various brands of the pill through my teens until I trialled the Yaz and was happy with how it largely managed my skin issues and continued to use it for several years. Nearing my 30's, I began to hear reports of the Yaz being responsible for cardiac issues in women using it longterm and planned to stop taking it following my 30th birthday as I was also wanted to start trying to conceive. I had big reservations about stopping it as I'd heard many horror stories about the likely effects of coming off the pill and for the first couple of months those fears were abated until, almost overnight, I began to breakout with large, sore cystic acne all over my face and felt completely ill-equipped to manage it. Like most acne sufferers, I spent a huge amount of time researching possible solutions and felt disheartened by the contradictory information available while feeling increasingly self conscious. I came across Miskn during a web search and booked in for an initial appraisal which left me feeling positive about tackling my acne for the first time in months and also like I had someone who was invested in helping me 'fix' my skin problems. Miskn are focused on understanding the individual internal issues, while tackling the external acne issues to balance short and long terms results. I used a regular series of LED light treatments and peels to target the acne from the beginning while re-evaluating my diet and tackling my hormonal issues through the use of specifically prescribed natural medicines. It's taken some time, but I do feel like Miskn gave me the tools to help me understand how to think about and manage my skin and the results speak for themselves. I know it's working because I hardly ever think about my skin now and am regularly happy to go makeup free to the beach or shops - something I never would have felt comfortable doing in the past. The Miskn team have been absolutely delightful to deal with and made me feel totally comfortable from the beginning - I nearly look forward to my appointments. I would encourage anyone having skin problems to get in contact with them to work towards a solution - with a little perseverance and willpower it's totally realistic for anyone to get their skin issues under control with the support of the Miskn team. ”

(A.H. Perth)

“As a 30 year old I can easily say I’ve battled acne for more than half of my life. The first flurry of teenage full face break outs brought about my first round of my many dermatologist and prescription forays. Antibiotic creams and pills, drying out creams, everything you can think of was applied to my body. They usually gave a temporary solution whilst at the same time grossly exacerbating the sensitive “good” skin I had. Just shy of my 16th birthday I was prescribed Brenda oral contraceptive pill (OCP). This worked pretty well, I thought my acne was cured! And it was, for a few years. I again started to break out in my late teens so once again off I went to the dermatologist (and don’t they get paid a lot to look at you with complete boredom!). I was then prescribed Roaccutane. I attempted to change my OCP script to a lesser dose at age 24. This caused quite the breakout, so I switched back to my original pill. It still hadn’t clicked with me that this whole time my acne was not cured by the concoction of hormones and aggressive chemicals, but rather being kept at bay. As a 27 year old I decided that I no longer wanted to take the fake hormones the OCP provided. I read a LOT about cleaning up my diet and getting my body in the best condition as it weaned itself off the hormones I’d taken for 14 years straight. Boy, was I still completely unprepared for what was to come. After 4 months of being pill free, I thought I was in the clear. Then, all hell broke loose. My face broke out in such unimaginable pimples, all over my cheeks, chin and jawline. I’d have many the size of 5 cent coins. They were so painful they’d wake me in the middle of the night. I cancelled parts of my social life as it was too unbearable, spending my weekend desperately scouring forums for any suggestion I’d yet to try. When I found mi:skn, I was hopeful (as always), but of course completely dubious. After ALL the things I tried and all the medical professionals I’d seen I wasn’t feeling great faith in something holistic. Not only that, it was more money. And time commitment. Two things I didn’t want to give to another thing that didn’t work. If you’re having doubts… please, stop. Book. An. Appointment. Mi:skn is not only run by the nicest and most understanding woman (which is such a far cry from the dermatologists I saw), but when you walk in the door you have to understand that they’ve seen your case hundreds of times already. They know exactly what they need to do and what you need to do. Is it a quick fix? Hell NO! Your body needs to heal itself from the inside out, don’t be thinking some magic potion is going to have you waking up with beautiful skin in a week. This takes time. But it’s time you have to commit to, because it’s what is going to work. I’ve been off the OCP for 2.5 years now, and free of acne for more than a year. And I STILL can’t believe it when I look in the mirror or am able to touch my face without pain. I can’t stress enough how amazing mi:skn are. Truly amazing.”

(K.W. Perth)

“After a series of operations, ill health and a rapid decline in weight the 60year old body totally sagged.......argh! Fate came to my rescue whilst googling "skin stuff" in the form of Miskn and Francesca... She may have been aghast when she first saw what she was "up against" but she didn’t show horror, but rather a genuine and professional concern to the treating of my face. As it had taken years to get my face to the stage it was in, a natural turnaround does not happen in one go....hence regular needling and acupuncture treatments...good diet...and using the recommended serums on a daily basis.. Results are showing. Was recently amazed when I received my updated passport...I actually look younger than the 10year old previous photo!!! It's a calming pleasure to visit the Miskn Clinic with the friendliness and professionalism of Francesca, Brooke and Sarah.”

(M.O, North Perth)

“Have you ever been stuck between a rock and an hard place called acne? I have...I had tried every treatment/skincare imaginable and still couldn’t understand why my skin wasn’t getting better. My acne was so bad that it was causing me physical and emotional discomfort. Discovering the amazing team at Mi:skn was one of the best accidental coincidences I have ever made. Each of them played a very important role in the education, treatment and prevention of my acne. I cannot stress enough how much their treatments and skin care range have helped me! My skin has come a long way and I have the lovely ladies at Mi:Skn to thank for that. Forever grateful for their services.”

(M.M. Perth)

“Since my adolescent years I have struggled with skin issues which I always believed to be attributed to hormones and diet but I had no idea to what extent. Over the years I had seen countless doctors, naturopaths, the odd dermatologist , as well as trying an assortment of different skin care products and treatments. I was able to find some temporary relief at times but the issues were never entirely resolved. When I first booked in for a consultation with the Mi:skn team I cant explain the relief I felt. The fact you can see a naturopath whom will advise on fact based evidence such as blood and hormonal tests is a rarity in itself in my experience. Not only did I learn a lot about my skin, but my overall health and well being. Since seeing the girls at Mi:skn several years ago my skin has improved dramatically and I have a much better understanding of my body. I continue to enjoy a clean eating lifestyle and have never looked back. Mi:skn is a one stop shop where you can really achieve optimal health and well being, ultimately achieving that healthy skin. Francesca, Brooke and Sarah are a lovely, professional team who provide valuable support and advice.”

(L.M. Helena Valley)

“At 32 years old, I thought that I was going to have to live with acne for the rest of my life. I started getting breakouts at about 14 years old, and when I was in my late teens it was at its worst. At around 18, I tried Roaccutane, and it did work for about a year, but then came back more aggressively. I was not educated on what was causing the problem, so I thought that treatments would solve the issues I was having. I tried Microdermabrasion, IPL, and LED treatments - which did nothing for me because what I didn't realise was that I needed to resolve my internal issues first. In fact, those treatments aggravated things even more. I had almost given up when I heard an ad for Mi:skn. After seeing changes in my skin when I changed my diet, I thought that maybe what was going on INSIDE my body had something to do with it. After meeting with Brooke and getting my hormones and blood checked, she devised a plan of vitamins & skincare, and educated me on the foods I should be eating. It began to make SO much sense! My skin was at it's worst when I was training for a marathon and carb loading most nights - it must have done terrible things to my hormones, which in turn affected my skin! Brooke also recommended LED treatments mixed in with some Peels. After just a few sessions, I began to notice results that I had never experienced before. My skin was less congested, less puffy, and I am happy to say that my breakouts had dramatically reduced. It wasn't just a case of having a few less pimples, my skin overall was improving and mending itself. I went from someone who would wake up with a new breakout every day (for the last 20 years!) to finally waking up some days without any. It has been three months now, and I can finally say that I feel comfortable looking at myself in the mirror, and even going out of the house without makeup! I still have a little way to go, but my skin isn't on my mind as much as it used to be - it was beginning to make me feel very sad. I feel more confident in my skin, and am looking forward to tackling my scarring once my skin is ready (we are so close!). I have to thank Brooke, Francesca, and especially Sarah who has been giving me my treatments each week and has always made me feel so comfortable (whilst giving me a laugh with her stories). It has been amazing to have that support there and not feel embarrassed about my skin. After three months of feeling the best I have felt in years, I would one million percent recommend Mi:skn to anyone who feels like their skin is never going to change - it WILL thanks to the ladies at Mi:skn. ”

(B.M. Harrisdale)

“I’ve suffered from bad skin for years. As a teenager I had cystic acne which continued into my adult life. I tried countless treatments in an attempt to control my outbreaks with little to no success. I purchased expensive creams/serums, used the contraceptive pill and was put on several courses of antibiotics by a dermatologist. I was told that roacutane was the only option left, but being conscious about my health I didn’t want to go down this route due to the side effects of taking strong medication. I felt like I would never be able to get on top of my problem skin. Then I heard an advert for miskn clinic on the radio. I booked in immediately after hearing they took a natural and holistic approach to skin care. My skin has rapidly improved since starting my appointments at the clinic. The team has supported me to learn how to manage my outbreaks by adjusting my diet and taking supplements. I have had treatments such as LED, chemical peels and skin needling, all have given me fantastic results in a very short period of time. I no longer feel embarrassed and self-conscious about my skin, it is the clearest it has ever been! THANK YOU Francesca, Sarah and Brooke!”

(E.J. Perth)

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Miskn Clinic. My skin has never looked better and I’m sooo happy with the results, got my life and confidence back! ”

(C.S. Butler)

“I have been using Medik8 skincare now for at least 3 months. I have combined it with a course of Red and Blue LED Light Treatment and have had 2 Skin Needling Treatments. I am so happy with the results and look forward to even more benefits with further treatments. I wish i had found Medik8 Skincare years ago, even in the humidity of Thailand for 10 days I had no breakouts and have suffered up until then with adult cystic acne. I have tried so many products with no success - but my persitence has paid off. I have also been educated to fix my nutritional side so that i can heal my inside which then becomes a reflection of my skin. I am pleased to know that even the scaring can and will be healable with the amazing guidance of Mi:skn Clinic. Thankyou so much to both the amazing staff members for your guidance, expertise and heartfelt concern and making me feel comfortable. I was unable to even allow anyone to touch my skin previously - no more I feel so FREE !!!”

(T.M. Gooseberry Hill)

“The first appointment was great, Brooke explained to me how nutrition has a direct effect on my skin and gave great guidelines to eat healthly to benefit my skin. I've been folowing these eating guidelines and I have already seen improvement in my adult acne problem.”

(J.H. Greenwood)

“I would like to comment on the excellent services provided by Brooke and Francesca. My teenage daughter had some acne problem and we have been to a few doctors but still they did not help. I like the natural holistic approach to her skin problem by Brooke and I can see good improvements. Thank you so much! ”

(A.I. Inglewood)

“I am overwhelmed by the difference the comprehensive care I have received from Brooke and Francesca has made to my skin. I had complex problems and so it has taken time, but their continued confidence and support has helped me along every step of the way. I have now seen my skin transform. It has made a difference to me physically, aesthetically, and emotionally that I'm just so pleased with.”

(S.S. Claremont)

“When my doctor told me that I had to learn to live with acne because the prescribed pharmaceutical medicines weren't working, I was devastated. But, a consultation with Mi:skn taught me to approach this problem holistically. Mi:skn gave me continuous and genuine support in managing my acne - and now it is completely gone! Mi:skn has changed my life. ”

(Name Withheld, Perth)

“Since visiting Mi:skn for cosmetic acupuncture I have noticed my skin is much more lifted, mainly in the forehead and brow area. Francesca has such a professional and ethical approach to her work. I cannot speak more highly of both girls. I am thrilled with the results I'm still seeing with regular treatments.”

(Name Withheld, Perth)

“I recommend acupuncture as a way to firm tired and lined skin. The Medik8 Hydr8 and C-Tetra Serums have been the best skin products I have ever used. The combination of acupuncture treatment and products will give you results everyone will notice - even your husband/partner!! Thanks Francesca. ”

(J.R. Bibra Lake)

“I have benefited from having Anti-ageing Acupuncture sessions, I have noticed improved overall skin tone. I have also noticed a reduction in fine lines.”

(L.K. Leederville)

“I've been going to Mi:skn for treatments for about a year now. I have found the experience very relaxing and beneficial for not only for my skin, but the inside as well. Acupuncture has invigorated and made my skin shine! I would recommend to anyone to give it a go and see the benefits themselves.”

(C.U. Queens Park)

“I cannot speak highly enough of Brooke and Francesca at Mi:skn. Having tried three different types of antibiotics, antibiotic gel and retinol cream to cure my adult acne, with no results, I turned to Brooke for a more natural approach to healing my skin. Such harsh treatments were beginning to have a negative effect on my whole body – as well as my face. Brooke’s diagnosis was very thorough and she uncovered the, many, possible causes of my skin troubles. She prescribed medication and made dietary recommendations which had an immediate effect. I had always believed that naturopathy would ‘help’ in addition to medication prescribed by my GP. Having had no results after taking western medicine I trusted Brooke and stopped taking my antibiotics. Now, my body is healing rapidly and my skin reflects this positive change, the medication has exceeded my expectations. The micro-needling treatments I have received from Francesca have helped to reduce scarring, blemishes and redness. Naturally! No chemicals, no additives – just natural ingredients and my skin is practically glowing. My skin looks fresh and alive again. I cannot thank the girls enough. I am thrilled that my body and skin have healed naturally.”

(G.H. Maylands)

“Hitting 50 and not wanting to go down the "Botox Route", decided to give facial acupuncture a go. Have had the 10 recommended treatments and can say that my skin is looking great, even skin tone, wrinkles have softened and it looks and feels firmer. I continue to have a monthly session. Have also had a couple of sessions with Brooke and have changed a few things with my diet which also helps my skin. I decided to take my 13 year old son along - he as eczema. We have tried every cream, lotion and potion "out there" seeing Brooke has really made a difference. All I can say is give it a go! You will be surprised with the results.”

(T.K. Bayswater)

“I didn't think anything would help my tired and sun damaged skin but a course of acupuncture from Fran has really made a difference to the texture of my skin. I love the oils she has created they are beautiful to use and all natural. Thanks Francesca”

(C.B. Marmion)

“Following 12 months of antibiotics for my teenage son's acne we were still frustrated with his skin condition. We followed Brooke's advice and saw a difference in just 2 weeks. He is so happy with they way his skin looks now - clear and healthy, what a difference, fantastic result. Thanks Brooke.”

(C.B. Marmion)

“I suffered from mature-age acne for years and doctors were unable to provide a successful remedy, suggesting I should "accept" the condition. Mi:skn tackled my acne holistically and provided me with comprehensive information and continuous support. I am now pimple-free! Mi:ski changed my life. I am now happy in my own skin and face the world confidently. I sincerely urge anyone suffering from acne to visit Brooke and Francesca from Mi:skn. They are professional, humanistic and most of all, effective!”

(K.C. Perth)

“Wonderful experience with Brooke who enlightened me on skin texture and what effect the correct diet and keeping hydrated does for the skin. Would definitely recommend Mi:skin clinic to anyone having concerns about their skin and especially any facial wrinkles.”

(R.A.K. Tapping)

“After going to Mi:skn for cosmetic acupuncture I noticed a change in my skin. I was getting fewer pimples, my colour, tone and texture improved. I was receiving compliments from friends too which is always great to get!!! Francesca is lovely too!”

(K.B. Queens Park)

“Ever since i have started seeing Brooke at Miskn Clinic my skin has cleared up completely. I had suffered with breakouts since i was 13. So yes there is a solution out there Brooke at Miskn i thankyou so much for what you have done for my skin in the last 3 months. I look forward to seeing ongoing results in other areas i would like to treat.”

(S.F. Perth)


"The ladies at Mi:skn are the real deal. After a few short months of simple dietary changes and natural supplements from Brooke and monthly skin peels with Sarah, I can gratefully say my skin and overall health is the best it's been in years. I highly recommend working with the ladies at Mi:skn - they really are the ultimate Support Squad for your skin!”
(TS, Perth WA)

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