Our number one skin goal is to have clear, healthy and radiant skin, right?

But when a breakout happens we do two things: we stress out and then we cover the pimples with too much concealer and foundation (which in most cases are poorly formulated, highly toxic and occlusive).  The combination of the stress hormones and the heavy makeup then creates a vicious cycle that leads to an even larger problem. So, on goes more foundation, which clogs the skin’s natural function and causes more inflammation, breakouts and irritated skin. To see the next day through, on goes more make-up and so the cycle continues.  Sound familiar?

Think of make up the same way as you do with skin care. So if you’re putting the wrong combination of ingredients on your face you’re not going to get to the skin goals you’re chasing. 

One major factor to consider is the occlusive ingredients used in the more ‘popular’ brands of make-up. Simply put, occlusive ingredients are used to create a synthetic silk like feel to the skin, this essentially traps the skin and stops it from breathing. It actually creates a nice little sanctuary for breeding undesirable bacteria on the skin. The skin needs to breath and it needs oxygen to generate healthy cells. This is why, generally speaking, the more foundation, concealer or powder we use the worse our skin tends to get; dehydration, breakouts and irritated skin are usually the outcome.

The best solution is to invest in a makeup range that supports the skin’s natural functionality to aid in healing the skin, rather than masking the skin concerns. These are known as treatment makeup and at Mi:skn we recommend Lycogel as a liquid foundation.

If you are used to the feel and finish of a liquid foundation Lycogel is comes in a camouflage (full) coverage or a tint (like a BB cream) and is formulated with the patented LYCO-Complex. The scientifically formulated complex enables cell renewal, stimulates collagen and elastin, smooths the skin by minimising fine lines and wrinkles through its breathability. It retains moisture in the skin to ensure maximum comfort and lack of dehydration, all while plumping the skin and protecting the skin’s barrier properties. And best of all, it delivers the key ingredients needed to achieve beautiful skin.


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