Often mistaken for skin sensitivity, redness and skin inflammation are usually very different to the common perception of having sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin is when an area of the skin reacts to a particular treatments or ingredients that are topically applied to the skin. The same reaction can also be due to allergy to digested foods. Redness and skin inflammation on the other hand is caused through systemic change and overall skin health. Treatment is very simple when the distinction between sensitive skin and redness/inflammation has been made.

Redness and inflamed skin can present in numerous ways. For example, you could have red and inflamed skin that is acne driven. When you use the right treatments and home care to calm and soothe acne inflammation and restore equilibrium often ‘severity’ of the acne is decreased because the skin is in a calmer state. Another cause of redness or inflamed skin, is through excess heat within the structure of the skin. By using the correct ingredients, you are able to calm and more importantly strengthen the capillaries so they don’t cause enlargement, flushing or post-inflammatory scarring.

The Medik8 Red Alert Range has been designed specifically for these skin types. It counteracts the presentation of red, inflamed skin by calming, soothing and re-training the way skin responds. The key active ingredient within the range is Teprenone. This is a patented anti-redness active that excels at the prevention and reduction of skin blotchiness, flare ups and discomfort. It works on multiple levels, and has the ability to strengthen and elongate telomeres – the little tails at the end of the DNA strand that decrease in length as we age, so it also boasts anti-aging benefits to the skin. The combination of teprenone to stimulate the healing of the inner layers of skin to prevent future irritation, plus the organic sage extract, the potent ingredients together reduce blood flow to the skin to alleviate flushing, inflammation and soreness. It is perfect for skins that are prone to flare ups, blotchiness, rosacea and even break-outs. If this sounds like your perfect skin product, it would be a pleasure to have you come in to visit us in clinic and we will gladly assist you for clearer, brighter and healthier skin.

If you have any questions about redness or inflammation in your skin give us a call or email, we'd be happy to help. 

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