To match our Clinic's result driven approach it has been vital for us choose a skincare range that respects skin as much as we do.

Medik8 is a solution-based range that targets problematic, sensitive skin issues with highly effective and non-irritant skin formulations. We have trusted Medik8 with our own and our client's skin for over five years now, so how does Medik8 achieve the promise to minimise skin irritation and still provide active ingredients that give results? Well, it’s all in the science…


Simply put, the term ‘bio available’ is the action of delivering effective ingredients to the end point, or where the ingredients need to be utilised. It allows for the chirally correct molecules to be more successful in their rate of absorption and targeting the deeper layers of the skin with minimal irritation.

Chemical Penetration Enhancement

Medik8’s range is largely built around serums, most of which are formulated with premium refined light oils. There are two reasons using serums: one is the carrier system, as it allows for the active ingredients to reach a deeper level rather than just sitting on the surface. The other is that oil is able to penetrate the skin more effectively than water.

Time Release Delivery

Once the ingredient is carried to where it is needed within the skin, the cleverly designed Medik8 time release delivery system comes into play. Basically, once delivered to the deeper levels of the skin, the time release system slowly drip feeds a continuous supply of the active ingredient to avoid a spike in active ingredient into the skin (instead of a ‘balloon bursting’ affect), causing minimal or no irritation.

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