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Slugging. What? Yep. 

It's hard to keep up these days so, if like me, you have no idea what slugging is, read on...

Skin slugging isn’t just the latest trend on TikTok; it's been a thing in K-beauty routines for some time. It's called "slugging" because your face will be slimy like a slug - the idea behind the practice of slugging is to apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly to your face before bed, to wake up with glowing skin.

For years, Skin Experts in white coats (we can't type the D-word or google gets upset) have recommended using occlusive skincare to treat dry skin. This locks in moisture and prevents TEWL (transepidermal water loss) overnight.

Benefits of slugging:

▪️ It prevents moisture loss
▪️ Protects the skin from environmental damage
▪️ Restores lipids (fats) in your skin barrier

Does it work? The short answer is yes, but there are things to consider before you jump onto the slugging trend: what you use to occlude your skin, your skin condition, and what you're trying to achieve. Slugging is not a "one size fits all" skin solution. 

Things to know about petroleum jelly such as Vaseline:

✖️Not eco-friendly; it comes from processing petroleum for use in plastics and other products.
✖️ Not bio-degradable, it will not degrade in our waterways.
✖️  It may contain microplastics, which are harmful to aquatic life.

Other things to consider:

What else are you "locking in" apart from moi

Still want to give it a go?

 ✔️Use eco-friendly and natural Oleogel Plus from Dermaviduals.
 ✔️Or use Medik8 H.E.O Mask, which contains a two-step hydrating gel and occlusive cream without the questionable issues around petroleum products.
 ✔️Do not apply any AHA/BHA or actives such as Vitamin A or Vitamin C under your slug. This can REALLY irritate your skin.
 ✔️Use it for dehydrated skin, dry skin and impaired skin barriers.
✔️ Do not do it on broken skin, and consult a skin medical practitioner before slugging on eczema or psoriasis.

Want some more skincare advice or help building the perfect skincare regime for you? Click here to book a complimentary skincare review with our Clinic Director, Francesca. 


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