Most healthy eating experts and nutritionists encourage you to include plenty of nuts in your diet. But why are nuts nutritionally important and what makes them an essential part of  a healthy skin diet?

We know that all nuts are great sources of fibre, protein and essential fatty acids, but they also contain minerals and trace ingredients that are key in skin function, so are a healthy way to ensure your skin is getting all the right nutrient to look after itself.


Let's look at the main skin friendly nutrients contained in nuts:

PROTEIN: provides the building blocks for tissue repair and regeneration. Protein is also essential for blood sugar regulation, swings in blood sugar can be a trigger for breakouts. 

FIBRE: assists in the body's regulation of cholesterol, excretion toxins and hormones. Including fibre in your diet ensures a clean system.

VITAMIN E: a potent antioxidant essential for skin healing and anti-ageing.

ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS: key in maintaining skin hydration, supports the skin's acid mantle so it is able to protect itself. Has anti-inflammatory properties.

MANGANESE: is a co-factor in Superoxide Dismutase, a potent anti-ageing antioxidant.

MAGNESIUM: provides the body with energy, aids hormone health and supports nervous system, all important factors in skin health, especially in acne.

SELENIUM: specifically indicated in acne cases, as it reduces inflammation and prevents oxidation of sebum, thus lessening breakouts and blackheads. Also helps to renew Vitamin E essential in skin repair.

ZINC: provides an antibacterial component to skins sebum, reducing the chance of P-acne infection. Supports healing of damaged tissue so is key in scar reduction. 

IRON: assists transport of oxygen to the skin for healthy healing and skin function.


Here are the top 4 nuts we recommend as the ultimate skin food:

  1. Almonds - packed with Vitamin e and a significant source of magnesium, calcium and manganese.
  2. Brazil nuts - contains a whopping 26% protein and is a significant source of selenium. Be careful, include your brazil nut intake into your recommend selenium intake, many supplements contain selenium and you could easily over do it. 
  3. Cashews -  a significant source of magnesium and skin healing zinc, iron and manganese.
  4. Walnuts - a good source of Vitamin E and manganese.

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